Fundación Pro-Defensa del Derecho a la Educación y la NIñez

diciembre 22, 2017


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In several countries of the world, the lack of lawyers, police and diverse
professionals trained in the field of protection of children,
Our NGO brings to international level the first and only International Diploma in
child protection, which consists of defending the
human rights of children of children and adolescents and how to develop
administrative actions and criminal sanctions against adults
who violate their rights and induce them to commit crimes, work
forced labor, prostitution, servitude, and other related crimes that lack
of knowledge in families, lawyers, police and professionals,
is what has allowed a great impunity to exist in the
institutionalization of economic child exploitation in schools
synonym of violation of human rights and exploitation crime
children’s school, "It is the work of Children, Girls and Adolescents,
Obliged and submitted to perform, jobs, begging and different
Economic activities for "maintenance and repair",
of Educational Institutions of the State, covering such violations of
human rights with the misnamed word "Collaboration" suffering
children and adolescents violating the rights of children,
consecrated in the convention of children and are not denounced by the ignorance of international laws that guarantee protection of their rights, this is the first advanced national level course on the protection of children in human rights for lawyers, professionals and police in the
specialty of protection matter To children and the family.
for information of the modules and contents and cost and registration of the diplomado write to the mail; denuncias.educativas

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